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And Somebody Gives A Damn!

And Somebody Gives A Damn A companion book to Bataan Diary, this book deals with many stories from others that were there. These are richly detailed accounts, and along with some of the Author's own stories, are assembled here for your enjoyment.

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Before The War

Chapter I.

  • Conditions Before the War in the Philippine Islands, by Major Willard H. Waterous, MC USA
  • The Nurse's Situation Before World War II, by Lt. Josie Nesbit (Davis), ANC
  • Preparation for War
The Combat Period

Chapter II.

  • The War in Manila, by Dr. Willard H. Waterous
  • Fairfield's Diary, by Major William A. Fairfield, U.S. Air Corps
  • The Voyage of the "Mactan", by Major William A. Fairfield
  • Manila Hospital Center, by Lt. Josie Nesbit, ANC & Colonel James E. Gillespie, MC
  • To Corregidor--Evacuation of Manila, by Dr. Waterous
Chapter III.
  • Genesis of General Hospital #1 and #2, by Dr. Gillespie
  • Medical Conditions in General Hospital, by Dr. Waterous
Chapter IV.
  • Battle of Bataan, by the Editor
  • Comments by Dr. Waterous
  • Greening of the Mules, by Sgt. Otto Whittington, VMC
  • General Medical Care on Bataan & Corregidor, by Dr. Waterous
  • General Hospital #2; Gillespie Journal
  • The Eerie Night, by Lt. Denny Williams, ANC
Chapter V.
  • Action Report, by Lt. William F. Hogaboom, USMC
  • Marines on Corregidor, by Lt. Hogaboom
  • The Fall of Corregidor, by Sgt. Conrad G. Russell, USMC
Chapter VI.
  • Leona Gastinger, ANC--Her Story
  • MacArthur's Escape, by Paul L. Ashton, MD
The Capture Period

Chapter VII.

  • Bushido, Celedonio A. Ancheta, Historian
  • The Japanese Take Over, by Dr. Waterous
  • Surrender, Colonel Gillespie
  • The Death March, by Major Waterous
  • The Death March, by Pvt. Harry T. Simms, USA
Chapter VIII.
  • Reprisal Camps, by Major Paul L. Ashton, MC
  • Activities of the 803rd Engineer Battalion (Avn.), by Captain Samuel A. Goldblith
  • Ship of Death, by WO Jesse E. Lee, USN
  • Diving as Guest of the Emperor, by R.C. Sheats, USS Canopus
The Prison Camps

Chapter IX.

  • From Bataan to Bilibid, by Dr. Waterous
  • Cabanatuan Prison Camps, by Dr. Waterous
  • Return to Bilibid, by Dr. Waterous
Medical Problems

Chapter X.

  • Medical Conditions in Bilibid, by Dr. Waterous
  • Don T. Schloat, Drawings
  • South Pacific, by Captain Ashton, MC
Chapter XI.
  • The Battle of Manila, The Advent of Liberation, by Dr. Waterous
  • Post Liberation, by Dr. Waterous
Epilogue: To "Bushy" Lee

The Prized Contents of My Footlocker, by Capt. Paul L. Ashton

Time-Life Pictures

Fort Santiago, by the Editor

The Last Hurrah, by Paul L. Ashton, M.D. (Editor)

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