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Bataan Diary

Bataan Diary Eyewitness Account of Army Surgeon Dr. Ashton
Rich detailed narrative of events and experiences traveling from one unit to another throughout Bataan. Spending time with the Phillipine Army setting up the original M.A.S.H.-type units, insight was gained as to how the War progressed. Captured by the Japanese and put into Bilibid Prison for years, he has many storys to tell. Not the least of these was the return of General MacArthur and rescue of the few survivors. There are eyewitness accounts from fellow prisoners, soldiers, Filipinos, civilians, nurses, etc., and personal letters from Dr. Ashton and his wife.
Learn what it was like there and how it feels to be a prisoner of war. Find out about little known and seldom-heard-of events (Tayabas Detail, the Second Death March, Hell Ships, The Prison Camps, and more).

To read the complete chapter, "Sasaki" click here. And please visit the Reviews page.

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Part I. Before the War
  • Letters to Yvonne
Part II. The War Period
  • The First Blow
  • Dinalupihan
  • Battle of North and South Luzon Forces
  • The Guagua-Porac Line
  • Prelude to The Battle of Bataan
  • Battle of Bataan
  • Pilar-Bagac Line
  • Life of a Soldier, 33rd Infantry Combat Team
  • Orders: Trip to Corregidor
  • R. & R. "Scout" Headquarters
  • April 3, 1942
  • Disintegration
  • Surrender of Bataan
  • Hospital #1
  • Matsuobe
Part III. My Capture Period
  • The Death March
  • Statistics
  • Capture Period at Hospital #1 Battle of Corregidor (What I Saw)
  • The Battle of Corregidor, (What I Learned)
  • Hospital #1 After the Fall of Corregidor
  • Map Summary
  • Trip to Bilibid
Part IV. The Prison Period
  • Tayabas
  • Bilibid Prison
  • Sasaki
  • Return to Bilibid from Caloocan
  • Highlights of Bilibid
  • Daily Routine on the Communicable Disease Ward
  • British Prisoners
Part V. The Capture Period
  • Camp O'Donnel
  • Cabanatuan
  • Ben Steele's Drawings
  • Hell Ships
  • E.F. Haase Papers
  • Voyage of the Oryoku Maru
  • Davao, and the Voyage of the Shinyo Maru
  • Hell Ships (Testimony War Crimes Trials)
  • Would You Believe
Part VI. The Rescue Period
  • The Tightening Blockade
  • The Beginning of the Battle of Manila
  • Yanks & Tanks
  • The Shoe Factory
  • Leyte
  • Homecoming
Part VII. Epilogue
  • Crumbling Brown Papers, Colonel Lamb's Records
  • Fassoth's Camp
  • Letters Re: Services Rendered Filamerican POW's
  • Cabanatuan Letters
  • Miscellaneous Letters
  • Comments Concerning the U.S.S. Canopus
  • My Brown Papers
  • Postscript

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