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From the book "Bataan Diary"
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For years I would occasionally think back to these times and speculate as to how I might be affected were I to encounter him somewhere, especially when I was in Japan later on a visit.

In another letter from Dan, received only recently, I learned that my departure from Sasaki's salvage group had been arranged and hastened by a couple of Americans on the detail, one a former third-rate boxer, the other a Chicano of rather doubtful reputation. My feeling that they were informers was inferred by my discovery of their fear of having me on the detail, but it was entirely unsubstantiated until I posed the question in a recent letter.

Dan had also found out about their turncoat activities, as had others in the working party. The boxer had run afoul of another friend of mine in the group, who had been one of my helpers on the carabao-hunting parties I had organized out of Hospital #1. My friend, whom I shall not name, also on Sasaki's working party, was apparently familiar with his falsely informing about me, and this cause for animosity had arisen between them.

Strange to relate, my friend was loading a Nip ship on the docks, using a winch to hoist fifty gallon drums, when the brake "slipped." A drum of oil was dropped "accidentally," and whom do you suppose just happened to be under it? Sure was a sad moment for the boxer!

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